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Video Spotlight

Willie & Jessica/Crusin

Espos in Kennewick, WA

About Us

Tri City Karaoke was started out of a common frustration that karaoke lovers acquired when looking for a place to socialize and express themselves through song. Many longed for single resource to find out everything about venues providing karaoke and when they hosted it.


Finally, karaoke enthusiast, Jessica Gollinger, decided to do something about it. She collected information from every location she could and compiled a calendar showing where one could find karaoke every night of the week.


Her calendar got a lot of positive attention and expanded to other social media networks, including a Facebook page and Youtube channel.


The business continues to grow, providing a service everyone can utilize when looking for a source to satisfy their karaoke cravings.


Need music?


  • Karaoke hosting

  • DJ services

  • Lounge singing


See what people have said about the local hangouts or submit reviews on where you've been.


Useful resources to get your karaoke fix now.


Tri City Karaoke

Richland, WA

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